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Janet Vandiver

7/15/1948 – 9/5/2021

Janet Vandiver, age 73, passed away peacefully in her sleep on Sunday, September 5 th , 2021, at her home in Huron, Tennessee. Janet was born in Grimsby, United Kingdom on July 15 th , 1948, to George
and Iris Buttery. Janet is survived by her six children Caron Scrivener of Watertown, Connecticut, Jacqueline Carter of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Christopher O’Brien of Roseville, California, Nicola
Vandiver of Seattle, Washington, Natalie Vandiver of Huron, Tennessee and Jerry Paul Vandiver of Jackson, Tennessee. Janet was a registered nurse and counselor who continued working until she passed as she enjoyed helping people and often put others before herself. With so many people telling her how much she helped them and word of mouth spreading, Janet opened her own office in 1997. She will be greatly missed and never forgotten. Henderson County Cremation Services of TN, LLC in charge of

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