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Pre-Need Services to Plan Funerals, Cremations, & Burials

You have many difficult choices to make when a loved one dies, and you must arrange their funeral, cremation, or burial. For instance, what type of funeral service do you want to have, is there going to be music, and should you have flowers? Another substantial concern is paying for all these services and custom touches. Stanfill Funeral Home & Cremation offers clients relief from these sudden burdens upon a loved one’s death with pre-need services at our Lexington, TN crematory and funeral home. Our pre-need services include working with you to prearrange all the details and pre-fund what you need to carry out the entire process. If you choose to take care of your final arrangements, you ensure everything is how you want it while removing the stress and responsibilities from your family.

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Details About Our Comprehensive Plans

People fitting virtually all ages, creeds, and other personal details are welcome to take advantage of Stanfill Funeral Home & Cremation’s pre-need services. We go through all the services you require for a future funeral, cremation, or burial, along with any personal touches you wish to add. These custom features can include photographs, music, flowers, and many other options to make your service a tribute to you or a loved one’s life while honoring their passing. Pre-funding all the services you need also takes one more concern off the minds of your family members.

Plan Details and Benefits to Clients

Our plans include all the following details and benefits to clients:

  • We do not require a medical exam.
  • Our plans are available to people ages zero to 100.
  • Your premiums never increase.
  • All medical histories qualify for our pre-need services.
  • We offer an increasing benefit policy.
  • You can pay with either a lump sum or installment payments.
  • We accept many convenient payment options, including credit, debit, Direct Express Social Security cards, and automatic withdrawals from your bank account.

Our Lexington, TN Funeral Home Values All Clients

With one less hassle to worry about when you or a loved one dies, you can rest assured Stanfill Funeral Home & Cremation fulfills all your planned and pre-funded wishes. Another benefit of or pre-need services is they may be considered an excluded asset for Medicaid qualification if you irrevocably choose to assign these services to us. We will file all the necessary paperwork in your time of need to benefit you. This service minimizes your family’s responsibilities and involvement while our insurance company pays us quickly and directly. Let us work with you to arrange our funeral and cremation services ahead of time with the utmost respect for your wishes.

The Process of Pre-Planning A Funeral

Pre-planning is a positive and comforting step towards ensuring funeral arrangements are perfect for your service. Survivors will be able to celebrate your life without worrying about the details of your funeral. Pre-planning takes away any obstacles or fears that your funeral won’t be exactly as you desire. Stanfill Funeral Home & Cremation helps you and your loved ones in Lexington, TN go over details you want in the service, wishes for the service, and set up payment for the service. The financial and emotional burden is taken off your loved ones so that they can focus on reflection and celebration in the time of your passing.

Pre-Need Funeral Insurance

Pre-need funeral insurance sets aside funds specifically for your funeral. It’s a type of insurance policy that protects your loved ones from the heavy financial burden often left when someone passes away. It will cover costs of predetermined expenses including, funeral merchandise, standard funeral services, church, and burial services.

Benefits of Pre-Need Services

There are many benefits of pre-planning your funeral, including:

  • Provides information to you and your loved ones about the multiple options of funerals and cremation services.
  • Ensures your wishes are met after your death.
  • Gives you a chance to select readers, pallbearers, and singers.
  • Allows your loved ones to grieve in the time of your death instead of focus on details of a funeral.
  • Takes away the financial burden often left to surviving loved ones.

Contact Us Today To Discuss Pre-Need Services

Stanfill Funeral Home & Cremation is here to help you through the pre-need funeral and financial planning process. We offer comprehensive funeral and cremation services to help take away the pain of losing a loved one. We want to celebrate lives and pay respect to loved ones. We’ll walk you through each step of our pre-need services, ensuring your needs and desires are met. Contact us today to get started.

Contact Us to Arrange Services for a Loved One