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Funeral Services To Honor Deceased Loved Ones

Henderson County Cremation Services of Tennessee LLC understands the grief and loss that come with a loved one’s death. Our funeral home and crematory in Lexington, TN offers funeral services customized to your needs. After a person dies, you might not know what to do or whom to speak with, so we have put together a couple of checklists to follow.


What To Do When Someone Dies

A loved one’s death is a difficult time for you and your family, but the event requires action to ensure the deceased is cared for. Here is a checklist of what you must do when someone dies:

  • You must notify authorities to pronounce death when a death happens outside hospice care or a hospital. Dial 911 if paramedics or police are not present.
  • Call Henderson County Cremation Services of Tennessee LLC so that we can arrange transportation for your loved one. This service comes at no obligation.
  • Notify your close friends and family of the death.
  • Delegate another person to help you notify organizations and other friends. Arrange for someone to care for dependents or pets, if necessary.
  • Notify the deceased’s employer and inquire about life insurance or other benefits and payments due.
  • Locate preplanned or prepaid funeral arrangements and the will.
  • Locate the decedent’s life insurance policies if they had any.
  • Choose a funeral home, funeral director, and mortuary.
Woman holding a hand of another person

What To Do Before Meeting With a Funeral Arranger

Before you visit our funeral director to work out services and personal details for your deceased loved one, follow this checklist to ensure you have everything ready:

  • Designate a person to serve as the main point of contact.
  • Gather personal information about the decedent for the death certificate and obituary.
  • Gather items needed for the decedent, including clothing and jewelry.
  • Bring the decedent’s discharge papers (DD214) if they were a veteran.

Types of Ceremonies Related to Funerals

Henderson County Cremation Services of Tennessee LLC offers friends and family of the deceased various ceremonial options. Our funeral services may include one or more of the following events:


Family and friends can get a sense of closure at a formal or informal ceremony before burying the deceased. We can personalize your funeral and make it conform to your faith or culture.

Celebration of Life or Memorial Service

These types of ceremonies differ from a funeral service because the casket or urn is not present. Many people choose celebrations of life to honor their loved ones’ memories and celebrate their lives.

Visitation, Wake, or Viewing

People hold these ceremonies the night before or right before a funeral service. A visitation lets friends pay their condolences and respects to the family.

Graveside Service

This service takes place at the gravesite before burying the casket or urn. It is typically a smaller service with reading, memories, prayers, or final remarks.

We Are a Compassionate Funeral Home in Lexington, TN

If you have recently lost a loved one or wish to plan ahead for funeral and cremation services, Henderson County Cremation Services of Tennessee LLC is ready to serve you with compassion and respect for your loss. We proudly offer our services to communities in Henderson County and the surrounding counties.

Contact Us to Arrange Services for a Loved One