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Preparing To Honor Veterans & Celebrate Their Lives

Stanfill Funeral Home & Cremation recognizes and appreciates citizens in our community who served in the military bravely and selflessly. We offer these honorable people various veteran services at our Lexington, TN funeral home and crematory to make their funeral and burial truly memorable and reflective of their sacrifice. Our funeral and cremation services are customizable so that you can integrate your personal wishes into the process, from the ceremonies to military marks on your headstone. You and your family deserve the best possible options to celebrate your life and service while mourning your passing. Let us work with you to ensure your funeral and burial include all the services and merchandise they require to reflect your wishes and your loved ones’ needs.

Military Honor Guard Folds United States Flag at Veteran Funeral

Our Options for Planning a Veteran Ceremony & Burial

When planning a veteran cremation or funeral service in advance, Stanfill Funeral Home & Cremation gives you the opportunity to learn about your options and their respective costs. This information puts you in complete control of your services. You can select cremation or funeral services that are genuinely meaningful to you and your family while honoring your military service properly. Our staff works with you to organize your funeral or cremation service that lets your family and friends having time to share memories, celebrate your life, and support each other, just like any other special event. You deserve to plan a service that includes your favorite music, photographs, military medals and honors, and special readings. Your family, friends, and military comrades deserve a chance to get involved in the service as well.

Questions To Consider With Our Veteran Services

While arranging your cremation, burial, and other funeral services, we want to ensure we honor your wishes and lay you to rest properly and with respect to your service. We recommend you review and consider each of the following questions while we plan your funeral and burial with our veteran services:

  • What type of cremation or funeral service would you like?
  • Do you want to incorporate any military traditions or protocols into your service?
  • Would you like to display any special medals or photographs?
  • What type of cremation container or casket do you want?
  • Do you have music in mind you would like to play at your service?
  • Is your ceremony open to everyone or a private family service?
  • Do you want your headstone to reflect your military service?
  • Does your family know about your wishes?

A Lexington, TN Funeral Home That Appreciates Your Service

Stanfill Funeral Home & Cremation appreciates every person’s life and passing and treats each funeral, cremation, and burial as an opportunity to show respect and compassion for the departed and their loved ones. If you are a veteran and wish to arrange your funeral services, we are ready to guide you through the process with your personal wishes in mind. Our funeral home and crematory proudly serve communities in Henderson County and surrounding counties with exceptional options to create a celebration of life and a chance for closure.

Contact Us to Arrange Services for a Loved One